Negativity Removal

Lately there’s been a bit of .. well .. challenging emotions .. around my house. Both hubby and I are hitting crunch times at work, with the long hours and high stress that goes with that.  So things are a bit tense around our house.

I found this spell somewhere on the web, but I didn’t write down where it was from.

I don’t know if it’s the spell or simply the fact that it’s a visual reminder for both of us to leave work at work .. but it’s working 🙂  Things have been quite sane around our house since I did the spell.

The Anti-Negativity Spell

Take half a fresh lemon and place it face down in a bowl or plate of salt.  Say a prayer or petition to your favorite appropriate god or goddess and place the plate or bowl in one of the main rooms in your house.

Refresh when the lemon dries out or as needed.

If the lemon rots instead of dries out, you’ve got more work to do than this simple spell can handle.

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