A Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. I think to some extent we all are. It’s so easy to continue to do the same thing time after time. But does it really help us?

Sitting in the same area on the train helps my train-riding friends to find me. Building habits of spiritual practice help to keep me sane. But I have learned that I can’t rely on those habits. If something happens differently and puts me out of my routine, then I’m likely to forget something that has been a habit.

So habits are not all bad, sometimes even good, but we should be aware of what is habit and what is not. Sometimes we need to work outside the routine, sometimes we need to break our habits.

As with all, nothing should be un-changeable, nothing immutable. We flow and turn with the Wheel of Fortune. Being aware and willing to change is our best road to peace.

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