Defining who I am …

There are times in our lives when it becomes important to us to define who we are.  The key is that we are defining who we are to ourselves, not to anyone else.Stonehenge 5 obyvatel on

Many many *cough* years ago, I started down the path of Wicca.  At first I focused on magick and casting spells.  Then slowly I added in meditation and inner work.  I found the College of the Sacred Mists and learned even more about working magick and working internally.  As I grew inside and in my faith, I began to wonder if Wicca really matched what I needed and wanted.  Sacred Mists also has a great course by Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar that teaches their Progressive Magic.  The course focuses on developing your relationship with the elements and magic.

But I really no longer considered myself a Wiccan.  I continued to study with Wiccans, as well as whomever was offering training that I was interested in, including some great courses from T. Thorn Coyle, and at PantheaCon.

Recently, I discovered the Druids.  I started out with just the ADF, and I have recently joined the OBOD as well.  I have always felt connected to the Celtic, and have been fascinated by Druids for many years.  There are a lot of the druidic practices that resonate with me, and I like the focus on history in the ADF, but there was something missing.  I wasn’t totally ready to let go of some of the Wiccan practices that I have been doing, mostly the inclusion of the elements in my rituals.  The OBOD has helped to fill that in for me.  I love the way the two programs balance.  Each has a different focus, and together they give me the whole that I desire.

I have gone from being a Catholic, to a Wiccan, to a Witch, to a Druid as my path has unfolded in front of me.  Everyone has their own path to follow and sometimes it’s good to define where we are on the path so we know where we have been and to help us see where we need to go.

Humans need definition, so we define what is and remember that it does not define what will be.

I am a Druid today, but it may or may not be the path I will continue to walk.

Only time will tell.

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