Slow down to speed up

“Slow down to speed up”

It’s a phrase that I have heard a few times lately … It’s great and something I should do more often.

Too often in today’s world, we’re racing around to get a lot of different things done.  And done all at once.  There’s family and school and work and social and hobbies and, and, and.  So much to get done and we’re always on the go to get it done.  We don’t stop.  We don’t pause.  We don’t take time to rest.

At times, I’m pretty good at applying the “slow down to speed up” idea.  In those times, I find that I do, indeed, speed up.  At other times … when I’m not trying to do 3 online courses, oh wait .. 4, and 3 crafting swaps, and setting up gaming, and newsletters, and psychic training, and magical work, and mundane job, and, and, and … In those times, when I need that philosophy, that way of working, the most, I do it the least.

So now that I’m in the middle of all that, and whatever else I left off the list, it’s time to slow down.  I’m running myself out.  Slow down, one thing at a time, take the time for me, and just work through it all.

My Dad’s really good at this .. he makes a list, in priority, of all the things that he has to do.  Then he starts at the top of the list and works his way down.  When new things come up, they just get added to the list in priority order (or slotted in wherever is appropriate for their priority) and he keeps working down the list.

So to help make sense of the current insanity .. I’m off to make a list.

Image Credits: Time Distortion – A clockwork (pocket watch) behind glass in studio lighting Uploaded by frko to Stock Exchange

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