Restarting the ADF program

Around mid last year, I joined the ADF with the idea to get the Dedicant program done in a year.  And then life happened.  So here I am, almost 6 months later and I’m not very far into the program.    I’ve waffled a bit, on understanding if I wanted to focus on the ADF program, or if I want to focus on the OBOD program or both.  I’ve been working more with both programs lately, and I do believe that I want both.  The ADF program is good for helping to establish the physical discipline of writing (something I want to do more) and a focus on scholarly work.  The OBOD program seems to be more about the creative side, with more inward focus and focus on creative works (while still holding to scholarship).  Each is a different side of the path and I feel the need to explore both. Only time will tell if I’ll end up with one or the other, or a blend of both, or something else entirely.

Today the online ADP Dedicant Path eCourse re-started and I attended.  I really like how the program is presented and run so I’m hoping that it can help me keep on track.  I also signed up for a mentor, so I’ll have someone that I can ask the detailed questions.  This is a good time for me to focus on the scholarship and get more information on history.  I’m quite relaxed about sources and who did what … I hope that this focus on scholarship helps.

The focus in today’s class was about getting setup, and basically what we want to get out of the class.  For me, I’m looking for the scholarship and history, and incorporating that into my practice.

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