How do you write?

Friday’s prompt asked how we write.

For me it depends.  I have a hand written journal that I keep for my morning meditations, and then a lot of different files for my other writings.  There’s something much more personal for me about hand writing my thoughts, but I’ve spent so much of my live with the computer that there’s it’s own type of magic of creation with a computer.

I love journals, and I’m always happy to get more, but I rarely fill them.  There’s the one I use for my meditation notes, and another that I use for classes and lectures.  The others are just admired and I keep planning for what I’m going to do with them, but then I run out of time, or can’t find the time, to fill them.

The computer is much easier for me to write on, I write on my iPad, my computer at home, my computer at work, and my phone.  I always have something to write on and don’t have to worry about finding a pen 🙂  As a result, I do a lot of writing on the computer instead of by handwriting.

My course studies are mixed between handwritten notes and typed notes.  I only hope that I can get them all organized when I need them!

How do you write?

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