Creating your sacred space

Later this month, in the middle of NaBloPoMo, I’ll be moving.  Part of the changes when moving is stetting up my new sacred space.

There’s a number of different things that you can do for your sacred space depending on how much space and privacy you have.  The key about your space is that it’s somewhere that you can have some private time.  For some of us this is easy, for others this is not so easy.

If you have a permanent space that you can dedicate to an altar I’d recommend doing so.  For my altar, I put a wooden shelf on top of a bookshelf, then put a cloth on top of that to make it look a little nicer.  I try to change the decorations at least every quarter.  Here you can see my Yule decorations for last year.

Your sacred space can be very simply decorated, may or may not have an altar.  If you have an altar, it can be decorated like a shelf of decorations or laid out like a formal altar.  I’ve known people who decorated their sacred space with a meditation cushion, a wall hanging and a rug.  Very simple and easily accepted by the non-pagan-friendly among us.

If you can’t dedicate a space, then it’s useful to have a “kit” that you can use.  Pick a specific rug, or cloth, or cushion, or all three that you can roll up and store away when you’re not using them.  When you need time in your sacred space, find a location where you won’t be bothered and lay out your rug or cloth or cushion, light a candle and know that your space is your own.

Altar or not, the most important thing about your sacred space is that it’s yours, and you can have private time there.  Sacred space is more about the mindset that we get into when we get into the space.  Whether that space is defined or temporary, it can be yours.

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