Where did it all start?

… or how I became a witch.

Growing up, I spoke with faeries in our garden, and in the woods, and my friends gardens, and I thought nothing of it.  As I got older, I realized that other people didn’t see the beings that I did, in fact, other people rarely saw the world as I did and I stopped talking about it.  After stopping talking about it, I stopped seeing them.  I continued to dream about the fae, and created my own world where magic was real and shapeshifters existed openly.

And then we moved from one country to another, from one culture to another.  Uprooted from everything that I had known and taken to a strange place were everyone spoke with weird accents and strange grammar.  My first year here is a bit of a haze, I don’t remember much and what I do remember isn’t very pleasant.  But I adapted, and my second year was much better.

It was in my second year in our new country that I discovered “Good Magic” by Marina Medici and read my first spell.  It was a love spell.  Yeah .. not a good choice .. but I was new to all of this.  Luckily it only backfired a little bit, and we both seem to have come out of it okay.

… to be continued

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