Wicca vs Witch

For years I have called myself a Wiccan, but about five years ago, I wondered if that was right.

Unfortunately, the word ‘wicca’ has become overloaded.  There are traditional wiccans who are descended from lines of Gardenarian or Alexandrian traditions.  There are eclectic wiccan groups who take practices from different traditions to forge a new tradition of their own.  And then there are the solitary wiccans who tend to follow their own path by selecting what works for them.

And then there’s the word “witch”.  Depending on who you talk to, wiccans are witches, or not.  The usual differentiation is that a witch uses magic.  Some people who consider themselves wiccans view Wicca as a spirituality or religion and don’t use what they think of as magic.  To the best of my understanding, Traditional Wiccans usually consider themselves to be Witches as well, but some solitary or eclectic wiccans don’t.

For many years I have studied with an online eclectic wiccan college and considered myself a wiccan and a witch.  I do use magic in my practice.  Maybe not daily, but certainly when I need to do protection, or self-change.

Now, as I flow more into Druidry, I don’t consider myself to be a wiccan any more.  I don’t have the lineage of a traditional wiccan, but I do use wiccan practices, among others, in my practice.  I also continue to learn from many different sources in my current pursuit of the Druidic-Witch.

However you define wiccan and witch, understand your definitions.  Words have power, and knowing what the words you use mean is important.

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