Most people don’t like change.  It’s a bit of human nature that we prefer to have things stay the same.  But there are reasons for change.  Sometimes we’re not in a good situation, or a better one comes along.  Sometimes we need to move on to continue to grow, or to advance our learning, or just to get closer to doing what we really want to do.

Change that affects our stability is the worse.  For some of us that’s our jobs, our homes, or our families.  For me .. it can be any of those things.

My current change affects my home.  We are moving to be closer to work, and into a great new place that has a lot of the things we want in a home.  But …. there’s the change inbetween.

As I write this, I sit in a house of boxes and I feel … unsettled.  It’s a good change, I keep telling myself.  The new place is very much more of what we want and it’s closer to work.  It’s closer to the city, and gives me more flexibility to go to events there.

And yet, tonight, I sit here in the boxes with my computer still connected, trying to be okay with it.  I’ve taken many breaks today to center myself, to remind myself that I am not my space.  But my space means a lot to me, and being in this sort of not-mine space is … uncomfortable.

Tomorrow the moves come and take our stuff to the new place, and then I can be home again.

I’m looking forward to the new place and the things that I can do there.  It’s exciting to be setting up sacred space again, and change things to match more of me now.  I’ve got plans 🙂

I just need to get through tonight.

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