For the giving of thanks

There are many things that people give thanks for at this time of year. For family, for friends, for the prosperity we have, for things little and big.

This Thanksgiving, I would like to thank those who have given our lives in the fight for what they believe in.

This is from the ADF Warrior’s Guild website.

A Libation or Toast to the Fallen

To the honored dead
Who served, protected, and defend
We give to you this day
Our love and hope we pray
In Valhalla now you rest
Of all the fallen, still the best
Again someday to rise
To help defend the prize
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Neighbors, strangers, and the others
Fighting for the right and true
Defending all, through and through
Who have given their best throughout time
And always held the line.
To you this glass we raise
And give to you our praise
To the honored dead
Those who have fallen in our stead.

By William Johnson

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