Scales from Microsoft ClipArtOne of the hardest things for anyone these days is striving to find our balance.

Balance is important in all things. We must balance our work and non-work life; our focus on ourselves and on others; spiritual and physical practice; in our diet; in our celebration; in every part of our life.

You’d think that it would be easy .. there should be a prescription .. but there’s not. The balance is different for each person, and it’s different for different areas of our lives.

For me, my work is an important part of my life, so I prefer to have more of it that someone who views work as a means to get paid would. Both views are honest and valid. Different views work for different people.

Lately I’ve had to seek balance in my spiritual life too. I could immerse myself in my study, but that would mean that I could spend less time at work, and less time with my supporting-but-not-sharing partner. I’m still working on it, but I need to find the time for it all. So far I’ve established certain days for certain things .. I work with a group one day a week, and another day a week is all about myself and my partner and doing stuff we like together. Work is during the work day and others as needed.

I’d love to put a few more hours in the day, but I’m not a Time Lord so I’m stuck with the 24 hour days and I do need to make sure to get enough sleep in all of that!

The best way to find your balance is to pick two or three things that are important to you, and recognize that most of what you do should go towards those goals .. then add in time to pamper and take care of yourself (including sleep!) and a bit of time to do other things for fun!

Remember that a candle burned at both ends burns twice as fast, and once it’s out there’s no more light.

Don’t burn yourself out, find your balance.

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