Bone Breathing

Here’s the fourth post in the Pagan Blog Project Series.

Bone breathing is a technique that has been used by yogis for a while, but is also very useful for anyone with any kind of health challenge or who wants to maintain good health.

I first learned of bone breathing from a yoga practioner friend of mine and have used it effectively to help with sinus issues and back issues.

To do bone breathing, take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then focus your attention on the area that you want to breathe through. If you don’t have a specific area to work on, it is suggested that you try working on your fingers. Take a full breath in and imagine the energy that you are breathing in move through the area you want to focus on. If it helps, imagine the energy as golden, warm healing energy. Hold the breath for a moment then push the breath back out through the bones that you’re focusing on. If you’re healing the area, see the illness leave as you breathe out.

Repeat the breath for a few minutes. The longer you breathe through your bones the more quickly that you will see the results.

For more information you can visit these sites:

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