Center and Circumference

For this Pagan Blog Project post, I’d like to introduce you to an exercise that I learned first from T. Thorn Coyle in one of her Battle Goddess seminars.

When I was a little Witch, I learned how to ground, but I sometimes have a challenging time not grounding out too much energy. This technique as a way to center that did not involve grounding out too much energy.

I tend to do this excise standing, but I’ve also done it sitting.

Center & Circumference

Stand and take a deep breath. Breathe into the center of your being. You center may be in your pelvis or higher up in your body. If your center is higher than usual, take another breath and drop your center on the exhale.  If you’re not sure where your center normally is, breathe into your belly.

Take another full breath, expand your belly, then your chest as you fill your torso with air. With that breath take in the life energy from around you and Breathe into your center. As you exhale, breathe out that life energy into your etheric body, your energy body that sits just an inch or four off of your skin.

Take in another breath into you center and exhale into your auric body. This is the energy body that extends about arms reach around you. Exhale fully into this body and see the life energy fill it.

Take a third breath into your center, tilt your head back and exhale into your god-soul, that energetic body that connects you to the divine. Imagine this connection as a ball of energy above your head. Breathe out any excess energy you have into this energy body and let the energy fall over the edge of your auric body to define the edge of your circumference.

See any excess energy fall off of your auric body and into the ground.

You are centered.

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