D is for Duh [PBP]

So I’m late with this week’s blog post for D, and I couldn’t decide what to write it on. There are a lot of different topics to choose from, but given my last few months I think that a “Duh” is in order.

There are those times where you think you can do it, you try to do it, and your body or your spirit isn’t quite along for the ride. Then you hit that moment of collapse. Your emotions give out and you have a break down, or your body gives out and you get sick. These are the ‘Duh’ moments in my life. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t notice the duh moments and I have to learn the lesson the hard way.

Like this year … for the last 7 weeks I’ve been sick in one form or another. First it was a general cold, then a sinus infection, then another cold. I’m finally recovering and I think that I’ve had my ‘duh’ moment. Or I hope I have!

Last year I was in a slow spot with my spiritual and magical growth. I was determined that this slow spot was going to be OVER by the new year. And now I think that maybe I’m not entirely sure that the lull is over …. I had a reading at Pantheacon done by a friend of mine and it was about waiting, letting the growth happen and not forcing it. .. umm … yeah .. ‘duh’.

Forcing the action that I wanted when it wasn’t time took a lot of energy. And while yes, some things did happen it wasn’t necessarily what I should have done. It was more energy than my system could handle, and well .. I paid for it.

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson now and should continue to get better and stay that way!

What are you ‘Duh’ moments?

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