E is for Everyday [PBP]

For some reason E is giving me a hard time in the Pagan Blog Project .. with so many options, you’d have thought that it would be easy. I dread what happens when we reach Q!

Today I would like to talk about what we do everyday. I don’t mean the whole sleep-eat-shower-sex (if we’re lucky), but what we do with our spirit and our magic.

Most mornings, i start with a short ritual to connect with spirit and the Kindred. Some days I do nothing at all. On days that I don’t start out with some connection to spirit, to the Kindred, I notice that I’m more fractured, more easily to anger and generally not at the top of my game. If I catch myself I take a moment to reconnect.

I find that having that morning connection allows me to see the spirit and the magic in everything. The magic isn’t just in the spells we cast or the rituals we work. It is in the guy who hands you your morning coffee, or the girl sitting beside you on the bus, or the unknown person driving in the car in front of you. It’s in the concrete sidewalk and the solitary trees along the road, in the weeds peeking out from the pavers.

There is magic in everyone and everything around us.

The time to “do magic” isn’t any special time, it’s everyday. There are certain times that are better for the different types of bigger magics done with spells and rituals, but the small magics, the magic of a smile, that magic we can do anytime and every time.

Every time we acknowledge another person, every time we acknowledge the struggle of the weeds or admire the beauty of a tree, we invoke magic. This magic allows us to move through life more easily and to help others to do the same. It’s a little thing, but little things add up to bigger things, and before you know it your life has changed.

So as you go through today, invoke a little magic, invoke your connection. Say thank you to the guy giving you coffee, and really mean it, say please to the person you need something from, make eye contact and connect. If it works, do it again tomorrow … Invoke the magic everyday.

It’s really true what parent’s say … Please and thank you really are magic words.

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