Failure & Frustration [PSP]

For today’s post for the Pagan Blog Project, I was going to write about Freyr to balance my post about Freya last week, but instead life hit me over the head and I have a new topic.

Today’s post is about failure and frustration.  

I’ve had a rough week this week with multiple, unexpected challenges coming up.I feel more than a little frustration.  I have been able to get very little that I had planned for this week done.

It feels like failure.  I should be able to do everything I had planned, I should be able to manage my time, and manage my energy, and get it done.

But I don’t … and looking back on the week it’s not really reasonable to expect myself too.  The challenges were unexpected and stole a significant portion of multiple days and there was no way to predict that they were coming.

This situation reminds me of the Tower card in the tarot.  I could choose to let the chains of my feelings of failure weigh me down and stop me from progressing, or I could realize that the chains aren’t really locked and I can throw them off and move forward.

It’s not quite where I wanted to be, but I’ll get where I’m going.

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