Justice [PBP]

I thought that Justice would be an interesting topic for the Pagan Blog Project this week.

In my wanderings through various pagan publications, online and offline, I come across spells for Justice.

Using magic for justice is a very tricky thing.  You have to be sure that your slate is as clean as it can be.  I don’t mean that you’re perfect, but you have recognized your imperfections and understand your motivations with regard to the situation that you’re seeking justice for.

Justice is objective.  It does not favor the one who seeks it or the one who it was called for.  If your motivations are not pure, if you had a hand in causing the unjust thing that happened, then expected to be brought to task.  The gods will bring justice to all involved, and each will receive punishment or recompense determined by their actions and intentions.

If the situation you are in could benefit from the justice of the Gods then a spell may be appropriate, but be sure to follow up with the appropriate mundane actions least you call justice down on yourself!

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