Innovation or Stagnation [PBP]

Magic bookInnovation is critical for any culture or society.  Without innovation, we stagnate, we fail to change as the world around us changes, and we die.  We may not physically die, but our spirit, our creativity, our soul dies.  Innovations don’t have to be big, but they need to be there.  Something as simple as trying a new brush with an old paint, or adding a new spice to an old recipe .. these are wonderful, small innovations.

Bigger innovations make larger changes in our world and our perception.  Electricity, string theory, teleporting a proton, these are big innovations that change our view of the world and what is possible.  Even the TV show Star Trek helps to spark innovation.

Within our own pagan and magical worlds, we need innovation to continue.  Modern pagans like T. Thorn Coyle, Ian Corrigan, Jason Newcomb and may others who I have not yet met are taking old ideas and technology and combing them with modern innovations in new ways.

Ian Corrigan, for example, has developed a technology for using ceremonial-inspired magic within a Druidic rite to call upon the Court of Brigid and begin to develop new ways to work with these spirits to support our worlds.  You can find more of Ian’s work on his blog under the “Court of Brigid” label. Ian’s work has inspired another druid, uberrod, to create a similar working with the Norse Court of Sif.

So .. if you have a chance to do something a little different, don’t be afraid to innovate!  It might not go exactly the way you planned, but it could change the world!

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