Sometimes Ice is nice [PBP]

ice in the coast of Baltic seaIn my effort to catch up on my Pagan Blog Project posts, here’s my first “I” post … all about Isa

Isa is a bit of an odd rune to get in a reading, and even more odd to get in a single rune pull. On the surface, Isa is about the harshness and danger of ice.  The cold of ice and the sharp spikes of icicles are dangerous to traverse.

Like most runes, however, there’s more than one aspect to appreciate.  In addition to the cold and harshness of ice, there is the protective nature of ice.  Farmers put on their sprinklers during a frost in Florida to protect their oranges.  The water freezes and prevents the orange fruit being ruined by the freeze (Skipp).

When I pull Isa in my daily practice rune pull, it signifies a need to turn inward.  In winter, when there is (theoretically) ice and snow outside, we stay inside.  It’s a time for introspection, for working internally and for understanding ourselves better.  This rune reminds me to do the internal work that I need to do the external work that i’m embarking upon.

At the midsummer ritual for my ADF group yesterday, we pulled Isa as one of the omens.  The seer defined it as a reminder not to try to move the immovable, but to work with it to melt the ice.  Once enough has melted, then we can move it or move around it.

Image sources:
Rune Card: Power of the Runes Deck
Photograph: ice in the coast of Baltic sea by philat

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