I have always loved mythology. I grew up reading the stories of the Greek and Roman myths and reveling in the world of Hercules and Hermes and Artemis.

It’s interesting that over the years I will occasionally reach out and find out more about myths, but they are definitely more a casual hobby.  In my OBOD studies, I find that we are learning more about myths and what they tell us … and now I look at myths in a different way.

I like to listen to podcasts, and I’ve found the Celtic Myth Podshow.  Recently, they have started a series on the Welsh Mabinogi.  Episode 30 is the first one in this series.  I also really enjoy the re-tellings of the myths that Damh the Bard does.

For folks who are more interested in Norse tales, there is the various translations of the Eddas.  I’m currently reading The Poetic Edda translated by Lee M. Hollander and I find it to be very readable and interesting.

Myths of all kinds tell us about the cultures of the past, much like our fantasy books tell us about our current culture.  Just look at what Harry Potter has done to bring awareness of magic to the current people.

What are your favorite myths?

Image used:
Smith, Colin. “Artemis near to Ramsnest Common, Surrey, Great Britain.” JPG file. <>

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