Let there be Love

In addition to my work with the ADF, I’ve been working with the New Hermetics course from Jason Newcomb.

This week’s lesson takes us through an exercise that’s about sending out love to the universe.

It’s amazing how just focusing on love can put a smile on your face.  We’re not talking about sexual love, but about love and compassion for the world around you. It’s about recognizing that we are all connected, and we are all (at least a little bit) magical.

Take a moment today and share your love.

Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at the conductor on the train, or the driver in the car next to you.  Sharing your love and compassion is about recognizing that the other person as a human being, as their own entity, yet connected to the whole.

We are all connected, and yet we are individuals, and together or individually, we can do amazing things.

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