Getting un-stuck

I’ve noticed that sometimes I get “stuck” – fascinated by an image, continually repeating a task, constantly reviewing a web page or email, or sometimes just repeating a thought over and over.  It’s like my record keeps skipping, repeating the same thought pattern over and over.

I’m not sure why it happens, but sometimes I need someone else to help me break out of the pattern.  I’m getting better at recognizing when I get stuck, and can sometimes break myself out of it.

Breaking myself out of repeating the same physical action isn’t too hard, just move to a different location, but breaking myself out of the mental patterns is a lot harder.  Usually there’s something I haven’t thought of .. something that’s subconsciously bothering me, or consciously bothering me but I’m not recognizing me, and until I address it, I keep getting stuck.

Being stuck can be useful once I recognize it .. then I can take a look at what I’m getting stuck on and understand what I’m not addressing.  For me, getting stuck is a symptom of resistance.

The first step to overcoming resistance is to recognize it, and this can be a useful tool.

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