On Being an Urban Druid

It’s interesting, being an urban druid.  There are people who say that you can’t be a druid and live in a city, but I disagree.  Being a druid is as much about an attitude as it is about working with nature.  After all, humans are natural, and so are the things we build.

One of the things that I believe defines a druid, is the person’s willingness to work with nature – wherever they are.  For folks in the cities and towns, that means understanding your impact on the area around you as well as how you can impact the larger ecosystem.

It’s not about killing yourself to be “green”, it’s about understanding how you can make changes to your life to improve your impact on nature.  Not just reduce the bad things, but see if you can find a way to improve it.  Bring plants and animals into your living area if possible, support local farmers and encourage those who use low-impact farming methods.

Druidry also about supporting your fellow humans.  Support your local stores, share what you can with your friends, family, and neighbors.  Research the charities, and choose the ones that spend most of their money helping people to support.

A lot of being a druid is about being a good person and a good citizen of the Earth.  You can do that wherever you live.

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