It’s about Framing

Image by ilco
Image by ilco

“Framing” may be a term that many of you aren’t familiar with … and since I’ve only heard it in professional management and leadership arenas, I don’t expect you to be. 🙂

“Framing,” in this context, is about how you phrase things.  If you want to say something that you’re not sure will be taken well, you generally will think about how to present your thoughts in a way that will be accepted – you “frame” it.

Changing how you phrase things works when you’re trying to explain to a coworker that they really should wear less skin tight clothing, or if you’re trying to explain why you should do something to yourself. Yes, framing works on yourself just as well as other people!

For a few years now, I’ve told myself that I want to put more magic in my mundane life.  Today a teacher in a course that I’m taking said that I want to “put my mundane life in my magic.”  Just switching the phrasing around like that … by framing it differently … it was suddenly a whole different prospect.  The focus of the statement changes.

Now I need to think about how I’m going to put more mundane life in my magic.

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