The Job Hunt Spell

A few years ago – before this blog was really a thing, I was in a situation where I needed a new job.  I didn’t have one at the time, but I had some savings so I wasn’t desperate to take any job, I wanted one that fit me.  To help me focus and to help get me job I did a little magic.

For folks who are looking for a job, here’s what I did.  May it help you to find a job that suits you!


Before starting the spellwork, I gathered together a bag suitable for putting coins and paper money into, a large green candle, a 2″x2″ (5cm x 5cm) piece of paper, a pen and a candle holder for the candle.  If incense helps you to focus, get some that reflect money, or focus, or intent.

NOTE: if you need a job in a hurry, a candle in a color that means quick energy to you might be useful.  For me, that would be orange.  Your colors may vary.

Create your Focus

Find a sentence that fits what you want to do .. “find a job that supports my family,” “find a job that fits my need for x,” etc.  If you have a very specific need, make sure that you included it.  Remember to be specific on definite needs you have … minimum salaries, personal needs you have, but not on what the job is or where it is – give the universe room to work.

Using your prefered method of making a sigil or bindrune, make one that fits that sentence.  Once you have your sigil, re-draw it on the  piece of paper.

Create a chant that reflects your sentence.  Make sure that you use the present tense as if you had already found your job.  For example, if your sentence was “I need to find a job that supports my family,” then your chant could be “Have a job / Fill our bellies / Clothe our bodies / Keep us safe”  or whatever works for you.

Do the spell every day

While you are hunting for a job, start your morning out by doing the spell to set your intention for the day.

If you have incense, light your incense.  Focus on your sigil for a few moments.  Remember what you are looking for and why you need this job.  Take a dollar, or a few coins, or whatever you can afford of real money and put it in the pouch.  Focus on that money multiplying to meet your needs, focus on being happy and knowing that your job is out there.

Light the candle and start your chant.  Depending on what you feel comfortable with, repeat the chant 7 or 9 times, or until you feel the energy and focus building within you.  Send that energy out to find your job and show it to you!

Repeat this spell every morning until you have started your new job.

Remember that you need to do the mundane work of job hunting, but the universe will help to open doors and show you the way.

Keep your eyes open and look at all the possibilities.  I ended up taking a job that was not my first choice, but it has since lead to me getting a job with an amazing company and given me a lot of wonderful opportunities that I would not have gotten at my first choice.

One thought on “The Job Hunt Spell

  1. Thank you, it did work and this is very similar to one of the things I’ve been doing. I think I like your method and shall try it for a while 😀


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