The Pagan Experience

The Pagan ExperienceI’m a bit late getting to the party, but one of the things that I’d like to do this year is to write more.  Blogging is an excellent way to help out with the amount of writing.  I’m still doing classes at Cherry Hill Seminary, as well as working on my advanced study programs for the ADF, so this is an addition.  But the blog is where I get to write about whatever I want, where I am constrained in the reading and writing.

To help keep me on track with writing, I’m going to join up with the Pagan Experience.  I’ve tried before to do the Pagan Blog Prompt series, but I get hung up on what to write.  With the somewhat more directed prompts of the Pagan Experience, I’m hoping that I can keep on track.  We will see. I have set myself daily word limits – not very high I’ll admit – but, hopefully, that will help to keep me somewhat on track.

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