Personal Practice – work in progress

This week’s Pagan Experience post is about our personal practice.

I am following a Druidic path – one that balances reconstruction and experimentation.  I find that understanding, why the practices that I’m doing, were done before, helps to deepen my experiences of them.  Knowing that what I do today has echoes to the past is important to me, but so is doing practices that make sense to me. I’m learning more every day, and adjusting my practices to match the new information that I’m learning – both experimental information and historical information.

In a more practical overview, have a daily practice, well more like five times a week practice, which includes weekly devotionals and meditation.  My practice balances between the Ancestors and the Gods.  I have two different altars – one for my ancestors and one for the Gods and spirits – and I move between them depending on what the focus of the day is.

For the rest of my practice … I’m still working on it.  But then, as many folks have said, that’s why it’s called “practice,” not “perfect.”

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