Walking through Fire

This post was inspired by the Pagan Experience May posts.

Lately my daily divinations have been … interesting. They speak of a trial, of healing a hurt, and walking through the experience. In my Soul Work class at Cherry Hill Seminary last Fall, we talked a lot about moving through the Fire.

When you walk through Fire, you have to have the right mental state, and take care to move lightly and softly, or you’ll get burned. If you don’t go into it with the right mindset, it hurts!

I have been going through the Fire lately. It’s been all personal and internal, but it definitely affects my external experience. My mindset has not been the best and there has been pain.

Today, my rune pull was algiz. Algiz is about the connection to the divine. It’s about aligning yourself with the greater plan and all the luck, protection, and well-being that that brings. It’s about letting go and trusting.

I haven’t been great about letting go. I over-think a lot and keep worrying at an issue that I can’t resolve. Instead I should acknowledge how I feel, how it makes me feel, identify anything that I *can* do, and trust the divine in the rest.

It’s time, trust in the divine, and just walk through that Fire.

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