Visiting a Buddhist Temple

I recently visited Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul, South Korea. It was my first visit to a Buddhist temple, and I’m not sure what I expected.

It was a week before Buddha’s Birthday, which is celebrated in Korea on May 25th this year. The temple was decorated with lanterns and floats for the celebration.

As I walked in through the massive entryway, guarded by four guardians, I heard the chants being piped over the loudspeakers as well as the chanting from the Buddhists who were currently in service.

This particular temple has a massive statue of Buddha where people were saying prayers. Seated in the heart of the most high-tech part of Seoul, this temple is an oasis of peace in the insanity of the rush of everyday life. Standing on the Temple grounds was so peaceful and centering.

This Temple offers an overnight stay where they feed you and teach you about Buddhism. It’s a very peaceful way to encourage others to learn your faith.

While I may not follow the Buddhist way of life, I find a lot to admire in it.



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