Time go out .. I have to pee: or the impact of habits that we gain growing up

I realize the title is a bit .. interesting 🙂 My husband and I were getting ready to head out to visit some friends, and I realized I had to go to the bathroom. C is used to this by now, so he just chuckled and waited. The funny part was that I had just gone 10 minutes before, and I don’t have any kind of physical condition that makes me want to go often. It’s habit.

When I was growing up, my Father loved to take us out for a ride in the car. We would drive all over the place and find some of the coolest new areas. But … there was one catch. He hated to stop until we were there. So you REALLY had to go before he’d stop. Everyone went to the bathroom before we left. It was a habit.

It’s a habit that continues to impact me all these years later.

There’s a reason for this story.

We all grow up unconciously learning habits. Sometimes these habits help (like brushing your teeth before bed), sometimes they hurt, and sometimes they are neutral. The key is to identify these habits and decide what we want to do with them.

The helpful and neutral habits are usually easy – we can leave them in place if we like, but those harmful habits. The habits that can hurt ourselves or those around us. Those habits we should face, recognize and decide what we wish to do – do we accept that part of ourselves? do we change it? or do we ignore it?

What habits do you have from childhood? Have you decided to keep them? or change them?

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