How do you Journal

Creating a Book of ShadowsFor years I tried to keep journals – separate journals for different things – and I rarely wrote in them. I would always find a reason not to journal. I was never sure why.

Recently I discovered the bullet journaling community and all the different options out there! I’ve started journaling again – this time in one journal.

I find that having everything in one journal really helps. Right now my journal is a bit small, but it’s working so I’m going to keep using it until the book is full. There’s monthly pages where I keep everything key for that month, and daily pages where I track my to-do list, and sometimes the phase & sign of the moon and the sign of the sun. There’s also pages to track my coursework through the ADF Clergy courses.

Some weeks I journal more, some weeks I journal less. There are pages for meditation journals, and pages where I put my thoughts from my readings.

I’m almost through my first journal, and have purchased a new one from The Book Roadie for my next journal.Journal

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