Variety is a wonderful thing

Image by Flickr user mantas_tr.
Romuvan priestess officiating ritual.

One of the things that I love about ADF is the variety of beliefs.  In a survey that I did for a class a while ago. The survey included responses from OBOD, ADF and general Californian Pagans. One of the questions asked had individuals select one of the options for how they define their theology. 32% of the responses were either Archtypist or Humanist.  That’s a lot of folks who consider themselves pagan, and mostly druids, who are not theists.  While in ADF we tend to have more theists and non-theists, there is still a wide variety of beliefs.

The ADF Core Order of Ritual requires us to act as if we believe that spirits act as if they are different aspects or individuals – but it doesn’t require that we believe that.

At Pantheacon this year, we called upon the Spirit of Unity to help us remember that we are all part of the community, we’re all part of the world, we are all connected.

It’s a good thing to remember – that we don’t all need to have the same belief to come together, to support each other and to be there for each other.

Image by Flickr user mantas_tr.

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