Druid in the.City recommends

As I explore the inter webs, I often come across creators who are awesome and amazing. Here are some of them.

I have no affiliation with any folks here unless I specifically mention it, and these are all folks who’s books I’ve read or blogs/instagram I have followed or I have purchased from.

Fiber Crafting

GGMadeIt – a knitter, pattern maker, and all-around amazing person who looks amazing in orange!
[Blog] [Instagram]

AlexCreates – knitter, sewer, pattern maker, and hand spinner.
[Website] [Instagram]

Knitmore Girls – yarn and fiber crafters, podcasters, occasional pattern makers.
[Podcast] [Instagram]

Witchy and Spiritual Folks

Courtney Alexander – creatrix of DUST II ONYX: A MELANATED TAROT and some awesome bags
[Website] [Instagram]

Najah Lightfoot – author of “Good Juju” and a great presenter
[Book] [Instagram]

Benebell Wen – Illustrator, YouTuber, and author with some really great insights and a willingness to share them.
[YouTube] [Website] [Instagram]


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