The Witches’ Sabbat

Over the last few months, I have had the pleasure to attend a series of online classes and events. It’s generally been great, but some events are better than others.

A conference that I attended in early November – The Witches Sabbat ( – was one of the better ones. The content was excellent and diverse, the community is fabulous, and the pacing and inclusion was terrific.

The conference started on Friday evening with a guided trance journey by Storm Faerywolf to the Witches Sabbat meeting place – a liminal space on the astral where we gathered and set the stage for the conference. Over the next two days, we experienced a fabulous collection of live workshops with a decent amount of time for Q&A. The live presenters included Judika Illes, Temperance Alden, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Najah Lightfoot, Misha Magdalene, Devin Hunter, Mat Auryn, and Storm Faerywolf. In addition to the live presenters, we also got a TON of additional material from the guest presenters.  

In addition to all the excellent workshops and fantastic community, we also participated in the announcement of the winners of The Witchies! A new series of awards that are targeted at the modern Witchy creators!

There were a few technical issues as the hosts and presenters, and attendees, learned to use the new-to-them technology, but the hosts took it in stride and ensured that we still got a great experience! 

Since the conference, we have continued to see the involvement, updates, and additional information for the folks who attended the conference!

I highly recommend this conference for folks interested in expanding their knowledge and finding a great community. Sign up for their newsletter to hear more at

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