Welcome to 2021!

What a crazy year 2020 was … there’s so much to forget, and so much to remember.

2020 was the year I finished my Clergy coursework, it was the year I moved to Montreal (where it feels right in spite of everything), I became a leader at work, and managed to build a team that works well together in spite of never having met each other.

I learned how to edit videos, and do some basic animation, I realized that there is more in common between my work and my spirituality than I thought. I solidified my daily practice and realized how much my spirituality supports me. I learned so much about who I am and what I really need to keep going.

There were lots of moments, days, weeks, that I’d like to forget – the stress of knowing if we could cross the border, missing my family and friends, wishing I could visit my family here in Canada, and a whole lot of grief over what we can’t do.

I have cried more this year than I can recall ever having done, but I have also learned to lean on other people and to ask for what I need.

There is good and bad in this year – and parts we should certainly remember. ADF has become more comfortable with online rituals and connections, I’ve realized that I can use zoom to reach out to my friends and family back in the US.

And then there are the things that aren’t related to the pandemic. Black Lives Matter but racism and hate still exist and are accepted in some areas of our societies. People will make choices on what some people say and not on logic or facts.

While we have a vaccine for COVID-19 and the US has a new president (or will in a few days), we can’t forget the lessons of 2020.

We must continue the fight against racism and strive to be actively anti-racist and promote minority voices wherever we are. We should remember how much we need each other and the importance of casual conversations and touch. We need to remember the lessons we learned about ourselves – our motivations, our needs, and what is really important to us.

As we move forward into 2021, let’s keep those memories and invite hope, joy, and abundance to grace us this year.

May the Ancestors support us

May the Nature Spirits nourish us

May the Shining Ones Guide us

May the Kindreds Bless our Lives

By Victoria S

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