A Reading for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Today’s reading is done with the Dusk II Onyx tarot. It seemed very appropriate for today.

First let me say how much I love this deck. The artwork is evocative and quite different from your standard tarot deck. It’s hard to read in the dark – the cards themselves are pretty dark, but there is a lot of detail in many of the cards.

So here’s the reading.

The cards are:

Eight of Gourds: new horizons; satisfaction
Four of Gourds: introspection; awareness
Temperance: patience; adaptability; moderation

Together the cards tell me that we may feel that we are moving into new horizons, but we need to check ourselves and look inward to make sure that we are doing the right level of introspection and are aware of our biases and preconceptions.

We must stay adaptable and patient while we continue to move forward. Be flexible in your thinking and willing to consider new perspectives and learnings as we move forward together – all peoples, with equal rights in law and in practice.

And as a reminder … Black Lives Matter. Racists and white supremacists are not welcome here.

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