New Year, New Recommendations

Yes, I realize that it’s the third week in January, but life has been just a little crazy.

Last year I had a lot more time to read books and explore new things than usual, so I thought I’d share some of my Favorites. 


  • Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul” by Najah Lightfoot is a good book that introduces the reader to Najah’s approach to magic. I’ve since had the opportunity to take a class from Najah, and she’s down to earth and authentic in both her book and her classes.
  • Psychic Witch” by Mat  Auryn is a good, down to earth, introduction to using your psychic senses coupled with s number of exercises to help you develop your senses. 
  • “Water Magic” by Lilith Dorsey is a nice overview of water and water magic across cultures and practices.
  • Saulé and the Sunrise” and “Saulé and the Sunset” by Jean Pagano – these children’s books are a great introduction to Baltic mythology for young children.


  • Three Pagans and a Cat” is hosted by a Druid, a Green Witch, and a Heathen. It’s a great podcast that talks about a range of pagan topics and work to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Around Grandfather Fire” is one of my favorite podcasts. Three friends co-host this podcast with a wide range of guests. They have an ability to ask hard questions and get real answers.
  • The Modern Bruja” is an entertaining conversation between a fun pair of hosts that cover a wide range of topics across the non-Wiccan pagan sphere.


  • @benkielesinski takes us with him on his hikes through the mountains and forests near Vancouver, Canada
  • @notoriouscree shares his traditional dances and some of the challenges with being a person from a First Nations tribe with us
  • @mhara_starling speaks to us of all things Welsh and witchy from her homeland – with some awesome outfits too!
  • @hichaweon is an atheistic witch who shares her thoughts and perspectives with us in a very frank way
  • @dreadfulbird is a former wrestler and now life coach who shares some amazingly practical suggestions, and often will do one-minute relaxation videos to help interrupt the crazy of the day.
  • @jimtwosnakes is a practitioner trained in the ways of Peruvian practices who shares his perspectives and wisdom with us. Jim is also one of the co-hosts of Around Grandfather Fire.

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