Self Love Altar

With Valentines Day coming up soon, let’s take a moment to remember how important it is to love ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, your life will be better if you take some time to relax and appreciate yourself.

Here is an altar that I created for self love.

The center candle was put into a votive holder that has lot of meaning for me and represents me. Surrounding that central candle are three tealights, and three stones. the stones are howlite, sugarlite, and rose quarts to help sweeten myself towards myself.

I lit this altar in the bathroom, and then took a long bubble bath. If you don’t have a bath, a nice warm shower with no time limit is great. If you are inspired, light some incense or use scented candles, and play some music that makes you feel good.

As you bathe or shower, think about the things that you’ve done that made you happy. Run your hands over your body – touch your arms, your chest, your belly, your back, your legs, and everywhere that you’re comfortable touching.

As you touch each part of your body, thank it for it’s function. Even if it doesn’t look as you’d like it too, or it doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to, it’s still there. It’s still part of you. If it’s a part of you that makes you upset or has negative connotations, try to forgive it for the hurt it’s doing. If you can’t forgive it, try to accept it for what it is.

Cry if you need to. One of the great things about crying in a shower or bath is that there is a lot of water to take those tears away.

Feel the water on your skin. Know that this water is connected to all the water in the world. The water cycles through the rain, rivers, lakes, pipes, and seas – but it all cycles. As you sit in the tub or stand in the shower, this water is touching you, blessing you, and flowing out into the rivers and seas – only to be evaporated and enter back into the cycle of life.

As with every relationship, the relationship to love yourself will take some work. It’s worth it.

This Valentine’s weekend. Take some time for yourself.

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