A Purification Visualization

Every now and again, I enjoy experimenting with different ways of purification. I especially enjoy purification that doesn’t require a bunch of different tools or items. 

Here is the script for a purification that I did recently. Please note that you find yourself enveloped in flames during this purification, so please be careful if that is likely to cause issues for you.

Children of Earth, take a deep breath. Let the air flow through you, in through your nose and mouth and out through your pores. As you exhale, imagine flames coming out of your pores. Warm, bright, and comforting, these flames flow over your skin. The flames grow as you breath until you are wreathed in flames. The flames flow over your skin and through your energetic bodies – burning away any negative energy, cleaning and purifying your subtle self.

(Pause for 2 breaths)

Take a deep breath and exhale on a count of four … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4.  The flames on your skin flicker softly and start to shrink.  With each breath, those flames get smaller and smaller, until they are gone.

(Pause for 2 breaths)

Children of the Earth, take one more breath, and breathe out the last of any distractions for this rite.

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