The Job Hunt Spell

A few years ago – before this blog was really a thing, I was in a situation where I needed a new job. I didn’t have one at the time, but I had some savings so I wasn’t desperate to take any job, I wanted one that fit me. To help me focus and to help get me job I did a little magic. For folks who are looking for a job, here’s what I did. May it help you to find a job that suits you!

Prayers, Rituals, and Spells

Over the years, I have written a number of prayers, rituals, and spells. Here are links for you to find them. You are welcome to use and adapt them with credit given. Rituals Simple Daily Rite (Re)Connecting with the Cosmos Spells To reduce swelling Protection for Flights Job Hunt Spell Spell to Get Rid of the … Continue reading Prayers, Rituals, and Spells

Magic for Priests I

by Victoria S. – Approved on 19 November, 2019 1. Discuss the importance and actions of the magico-religious function as it is seen within the context of general Indo-European culture. (minimum 100 words) Throughout documented history, we see evidence of magic in several different cultures. In Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, magicians were often astrologers. Some … Continue reading Magic for Priests I

ADF Dedicant’s Program Essays

Here’s my final approved submission for the Dedicants Program for ADF. Dedicants Study Program Approved 4 February, 2013 The Nine Virtues Wisdom Some people consider wisdom to be simple common sense, but to me it’s more like common sense plus.  It’s not just making good decisions on practical matters; it’s also having an awareness of … Continue reading ADF Dedicant’s Program Essays