Druid in the.City recommends

As I explore the inter webs, I often come across creators who are awesome and amazing. Here are some of them.

I have no affiliation with any folks here unless I specifically mention it, and these are all folks who’s books I’ve read or blogs/instagram I have followed or I have purchased from.

Fiber Crafting

GGMadeIt – a knitter, pattern maker, and all-around amazing person who looks amazing in orange!
[Blog] [Instagram]

AlexCreates – knitter, sewer, pattern maker, and hand spinner.
[Website] [Instagram]

Knitmore Girls – yarn and fiber crafters, podcasters, occasional pattern makers.
[Podcast] [Instagram]

Witchy and Spiritual Folks

Courtney Alexander – creatrix of DUST II ONYX: A MELANATED TAROT and some awesome bags
[Website] [Instagram]

Najah Lightfoot – author of “Good Juju” and a great presenter
[Book] [Instagram]

Benebell Wen – Illustrator, YouTuber, and author with some really great insights and a willingness to share them.
[YouTube] [Website] [Instagram]


(Re)Connecting with the Cosmos

I recently did a meditation during the ADF Online Weekly rituals. For folks who attended, or people who are just interested in hearing it, I’ve edited it together with some sound effects.

It’s my first meditation of this kind, so please be kind.

You can find it on YouTube by clicking the image below.

Balance in Virtues

This heart is hidden in this illusion knit dishcloth. May we all recognize the heart is all of us.

In most ethics classes and books, Virtues are a big part of the study. I think that most of us, at least in the groups that I’m a part of, agree that too little of virtue can be a bad thing. If you don’t have enough courage, you could be too scared to leave your own house.

But have you considered that too much of a Virtue could also be wrong?  Too much courage can make you fool-hardy, and you may tend to rush into dangerous situations without the proper preparation. Too much hospitality can allow you to invite in a thief, or worse, who steals from you.  Plato spoke of a mid-point between the extremes for each virtue that was the “right” amount.

The balance that makes us good people is spread across all our virtues. We can engage our vision and wisdom to balance out recklessness by helping us to prepare before we act. The right level of compassion can help us help other people without putting ourselves in unnecessary risk – it also helps us figure out what someone actually needs.

I know that I can be very cautious in many areas of social justice, but my compassion helps to give me enough drive and courage to do jail ministry, and help the pagans behind bars to find their spiritual path.  It still scares me each time I go in – and I know that I’m as safe as possible with the guards and chaplains. But that’s one area of balance for me.

No particular balance works across the whole community. It’s up to each of us to figure out the balance for ourselves.  

A new side to Hagalaz

A few months ago, I started to get Hagalaz a lot in my (roughly) daily divination. I usually see similar runes often, but rarely do I see the same rune quite so often. I would have been easier to list the days that I didn’t get Hagalaz than those where I did.

Hagalaz is not an easy rune. I tend to interpret it as the hail storm – destruction that comes before life. This time, however, I think that I saw a new side of Hagalaz. This time, Hagalaz was about enduring the stress, the strife, the frustration, and all the emotional yuck that came with the particular situation that I was in. And there was YUCK! Most of my time not working or sleeping was focused on getting enough self-care to stay stable and avoid a bout of depression.

Hagalaz was there to remind me that the storm would end. There was a time that the stress would stop. And in the end, it did. The storm ended, and new opportunities were presented. I grabbed one of those and celebrated that I had survived the storm.

Hailstorms can hurt, they can destroy, but they also bring water and potential life and new opportunities.

How is Hagalaz manifesting in your readings?

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/hagalaz-rune-runes-futhark-2644694/

A Moment of Peace

Moment Of Peace

I stand on my patio with my hands touching the tree that grows nearby, and I pray. In this prayer, I welcome all the spirits of land, our ancestors, and our gods. I give them my blessing, and ask for Theirs in return.

For a moment, I pause in the hectic chaos that has become so many of our lives. In this moment, it’s just me, the tree, the wind, and the sounds of my fellow beings around me. In this moment there is peace.

I turn from the patio and head back inside … back to my normal, busy life but with a nugget of peace inside of me.

As I read the news, skim my Facebook feed, or just listen to the conversations around me, I am bombarded with chaos, with negativity, with the insanity that is the head of government right now. We live in a world where people seem to think that it’s okay to hate, to harm; that it’s okay to lie. This world where we are shocked when truth comes out of a President’s mouth; where were are almost immune to the news of a woman and her children getting murdered on the train; where stories of yet another shooting cross the news; where people are talking more about how the fires started than what they can do to help.

This is a crazy world we live in.

How do we stay sane? How do we not lose touch with our humanity, with our communities, with our world?

We have to carve out those moments of peace, those moments where we remember that we are not alone, where we can connect to something beyond ourselves. We need those moments to reset, to take a break from the crazy, to remember ourselves.

Hail to the Land, Sea, and Sky.
Hail to the Trees, birds, and beasts.
Hail to the spirits and people.
My Blessings to You and Yours,
May Your Blessings be with me and mine.

Find your moment of peace, and do not forget who you are.


A Day of Prayer to Freya

A few months ago, I started up doing a Day for Prayer for Freya. This was originally inspired by a the World Odin Prayer Day. Unfortunately, it seems that the group who did the Odin’s Prayer Day was not one that I’d like to associate with. But, this is the internet and I can do my own thing.

So the Freya Prayer Day was born.

On the 2nd Friday of every month, we invite people to join us being aware of Freya in some way. There are people who simply choose to think about Her for that day, others who hold devotional practice for Her, and others who like the posts and tweets but don’t say what they do.  It doesn’t matter what anyone does. Hosting this Prayer Day and creating the monthly newsletter is one way that I make offerings to Her.

There are almost as many ways to do offerings as there are individuals who practice any form of devotional religion. I choose to spend my time, effort and attention as offerings for Freya.

How do you choose to do your offerings or devotions?