A Week of Devotions

2016-01-05-08.26.25I find that I have very limited time in the mornings – it’s a balancing act of getting to work early enough, and making sure that I get enough sleep. Even with the limited time, it’s still important to me to have time for morning devotionals, but how do I honor all the beings I want to honor?

My solution was to honor different beings on different days.

I blend Welsh and Norse Hearth Cultures in my practice, so my daily practices reflect that. The challenge for me with doing Daily Practices has always been finding time to do the work.

Five days a week, my devotions are specific for one of the Kindreds or a specific Deity – a different Being or set of Beings every day. Saturday and Sunday are more flexible. Some weekends, I will do trance, or a full Core Order of Ritual rite.  This way I can fit my devotions into my busy life as well as have time for the work for my courses.

If you’re having a challenging time working with multiple Beings, maybe you can try divvying up the days.

Mantras of devotion

 A Japa mala, or set of prayer beads, made from Tulasi wood.Recently Laine from The Lady’s Quill over on Patheos and the Facebook group Virtual Sessrumnir, challenged the devotees of Freya to create a short prayer that would be appropriate for repeated use like a mantra or with prayer beads.

I will often use the following phrase from Ian Corrigan as a mantra for getting myself into the right head space:

Fire, Well and Sacred Tree
Flame, and Flow, and Grow in me.

I supposed that could be considered an appropriately repeated prayer. I certainly use it as a mantra when I’m scattered or need help focusing.

For Freya, though, we need something a bit more specific.  I originally thought of creating something that reflected her many aspects, but there are a lot to include.  I ended up settling on an aspect that I don’t often work with – her warrior spirit.

Guide my sight
That I may fight this fight.

It seems to me lately that we may need help fighting for our rights and for equality, so this might help.

Image credit:
A Japa mala, or set of prayer beads, made from Tulasi wood by GourangaUK. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Japa_mala_(prayer_beads)_of_Tulasi_wood_with_108_beads_-_20040101-01.jpg#filelinks&gt;

Hail to the Golden Lady

Freya Shrine with Runes Hail to the Golden Lady,
Who cries golden tears.
Brísingamen’s Bearer,
Falcon Cloak Wearer,
Chooser of the Slain,
Hildisvíni’s rider,
Cat Herder, Vanadis.

Lady of passion and strength
who brought Seith to the Aesir,
who supports me through my days,
and blesses me through my nights.

Beautiful Vanadis,
Accept our honor and passion.
Lady Freya,
We honor you.