You are GROOT

[Image: the words “I am GROOT” over a hand drawn image of a teenage GROOT from “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, voiced by Vin Diesel]

“You are Groot” said to me by Jim Two Snakes after I mentioned feeling uprooted as I watched them pack up my house to move to a new location in a different country.

Groot moves on their own. They are a tree (sorta), they are the roots and the branches and the connection. And they move.

If I am Groot, then I carry my connection with myself. I never have to fear being uprooted because carry my roots with me.

I am Groot.

Let’s do this!

New Year, New Recommendations

Yes, I realize that it’s the third week in January, but life has been just a little crazy.

Last year I had a lot more time to read books and explore new things than usual, so I thought I’d share some of my Favorites. 


  • Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul” by Najah Lightfoot is a good book that introduces the reader to Najah’s approach to magic. I’ve since had the opportunity to take a class from Najah, and she’s down to earth and authentic in both her book and her classes.
  • Psychic Witch” by Mat  Auryn is a good, down to earth, introduction to using your psychic senses coupled with s number of exercises to help you develop your senses. 
  • “Water Magic” by Lilith Dorsey is a nice overview of water and water magic across cultures and practices.
  • Saulé and the Sunrise” and “Saulé and the Sunset” by Jean Pagano – these children’s books are a great introduction to Baltic mythology for young children.


  • Three Pagans and a Cat” is hosted by a Druid, a Green Witch, and a Heathen. It’s a great podcast that talks about a range of pagan topics and work to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Around Grandfather Fire” is one of my favorite podcasts. Three friends co-host this podcast with a wide range of guests. They have an ability to ask hard questions and get real answers.
  • The Modern Bruja” is an entertaining conversation between a fun pair of hosts that cover a wide range of topics across the non-Wiccan pagan sphere.


  • @benkielesinski takes us with him on his hikes through the mountains and forests near Vancouver, Canada
  • @notoriouscree shares his traditional dances and some of the challenges with being a person from a First Nations tribe with us
  • @mhara_starling speaks to us of all things Welsh and witchy from her homeland – with some awesome outfits too!
  • @hichaweon is an atheistic witch who shares her thoughts and perspectives with us in a very frank way
  • @dreadfulbird is a former wrestler and now life coach who shares some amazingly practical suggestions, and often will do one-minute relaxation videos to help interrupt the crazy of the day.
  • @jimtwosnakes is a practitioner trained in the ways of Peruvian practices who shares his perspectives and wisdom with us. Jim is also one of the co-hosts of Around Grandfather Fire.

A Reading for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Today’s reading is done with the Dusk II Onyx tarot. It seemed very appropriate for today.

First let me say how much I love this deck. The artwork is evocative and quite different from your standard tarot deck. It’s hard to read in the dark – the cards themselves are pretty dark, but there is a lot of detail in many of the cards.

So here’s the reading.

The cards are:

Eight of Gourds: new horizons; satisfaction
Four of Gourds: introspection; awareness
Temperance: patience; adaptability; moderation

Together the cards tell me that we may feel that we are moving into new horizons, but we need to check ourselves and look inward to make sure that we are doing the right level of introspection and are aware of our biases and preconceptions.

We must stay adaptable and patient while we continue to move forward. Be flexible in your thinking and willing to consider new perspectives and learnings as we move forward together – all peoples, with equal rights in law and in practice.

And as a reminder … Black Lives Matter. Racists and white supremacists are not welcome here.

Rune Card Reading – Nov 11, 2020

Today, I got a new set of Rune cards from MailoniKat and they are so awesome that I was inspired to do a reading

The deck includes a bag and a sheet that includes the meanings of the runs in context of the images.

The way I interpret this rune is that we can still maintain our individuality and sense of self while sharing our energy and time with other people. Doing so will spark inspiration and creativity in us.

Deck: The Witch’s Pets Rune Deck by @MailoniKat Ilustradora

Harvest Moon Reading

Question: What do I need to know for the next month?

From “This Might Hurt Tarot” by Isabella Rotman

It’s time to move from indecision to action. Pick something from all the things you want to do or create and charge forward – but first form a plan. Be willing to lighten your hold on material outcomes and let the creative and spiritual projects happen.

Feed your soul.

What will you create?