Rune Card Reading – Nov 11, 2020

Today, I got a new set of Rune cards from MailoniKat and they are so awesome that I was inspired to do a reading

The deck includes a bag and a sheet that includes the meanings of the runs in context of the images.

The way I interpret this rune is that we can still maintain our individuality and sense of self while sharing our energy and time with other people. Doing so will spark inspiration and creativity in us.

Deck: The Witch’s Pets Rune Deck by @MailoniKat Ilustradora

Harvest Moon Reading

Question: What do I need to know for the next month?

From “This Might Hurt Tarot” by Isabella Rotman

It’s time to move from indecision to action. Pick something from all the things you want to do or create and charge forward – but first form a plan. Be willing to lighten your hold on material outcomes and let the creative and spiritual projects happen.

Feed your soul.

What will you create?

A New Venture: Triskele Podcast

So … we did a thing!

Welcome to the first episode of the Triskele Podcast! We are three Druids gathered in a virtual grove to share our thoughts and our path with you.

This podcast is hosted by Victoria, Drum, and Amber who are three members of the Druid organization Ar nDraiocht Fein.

In today’s episode, we share the experiences that led us to our current spiritual path.

Also Amber wants to apologize for her mic quality in this video. It will be adjusted for the next podcast recording. Sorry!!

Druid in the.City recommends

As I explore the inter webs, I often come across creators who are awesome and amazing. Here are some of them.

I have no affiliation with any folks here unless I specifically mention it, and these are all folks who’s books I’ve read or blogs/instagram I have followed or I have purchased from.

Fiber Crafting

GGMadeIt – a knitter, pattern maker, and all-around amazing person who looks amazing in orange!
[Blog] [Instagram]

AlexCreates – knitter, sewer, pattern maker, and hand spinner.
[Website] [Instagram]

Knitmore Girls – yarn and fiber crafters, podcasters, occasional pattern makers.
[Podcast] [Instagram]

Witchy and Spiritual Folks

Courtney Alexander – creatrix of DUST II ONYX: A MELANATED TAROT and some awesome bags
[Website] [Instagram]

Najah Lightfoot – author of “Good Juju” and a great presenter
[Book] [Instagram]

Benebell Wen – Illustrator, YouTuber, and author with some really great insights and a willingness to share them.
[YouTube] [Website] [Instagram]


(Re)Connecting with the Cosmos

I recently did a meditation during the ADF Online Weekly rituals. For folks who attended, or people who are just interested in hearing it, I’ve edited it together with some sound effects.

It’s my first meditation of this kind, so please be kind.

You can find it on YouTube by clicking the image below.