Connecting to the Sacred Divine Anthology Submissions

Connecting to the Sacred Divine*

I’m thrilled to announce a new project that I’m working on – a devotional anthology.

I had this idea after an online conversation with a few other people who were looking for a resource to discover what other’s experiences were like.

My goal is to create an anthology for new, and existing, theists to understand the many ways in which people connect to the sacred divine. It is my hope that this anthology will help people to understand that they are not alone. There are many of us who have this connection, in many different ways.

I’m looking for your stories about how you connect to the Sacred Divine, however you define it. All different theistic viewpoints are welcome!

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Submissions should be either prose or poetry and written from your own experiences. Group and solitary experiences are welcome.

Submissions should be sent to in RTF, DOC or DOCX format. Prose should be a few pages long (250 – 1000 words). Poetry may include an introductory paragraph. Republishing work is fine as long as you still have the rights to it, please let me know where it was originally published. I welcome artwork associated with the submission as long as the artwork is created by you.

The submission deadline is currently end of 2020.

Some additional direction:

The point is to show people that there are lots of ways to connect to the divine. So … how do you connect? Through walks? Through cooking? Through dance (although I have that one already)? Through ritual? Or stories? Or …. how?

I want to highlight the multitude of ways that we connect to the divine, to deity, to the spirits of the land.

I have some people who wrote a poem of their trance working to encounter an un-named divinity, or people who connected when they stopped at the side of the road to help someone in a crash, or who connects through the workings of Freud, or … lots of ways.

Think of the new folks who are told that there is only one way to connect to the divine and that way doesn’t work for them … let’s show them all the options.


Connecting to the Sacred Divine will be available via eBook and through print-on-demand service. I’m currently looking for a publisher but may self-publish depending on the available options. There is no cost to submit to the anthology.

I cannot promise any payment for your submissions, but my goal is to provide the contributors with the ability to purchase print books at a reduced cost so that they can re-sell them at shows and conferences. PDFs will be provided to all contributors for personal use and promotional distribution. If there are reasonable profits from the book, I will contact the contributors to discuss a profit share.

If you have any questions, please email me at or contact me via the “Connecting to the Sacred Divine” facebook page.

Thank you!
Victoria S.

Update on 5 April: Current suggestion for title “Door to the Divine: a Collection of Divine Connection”

Update on 27 Nov, 2020: updated deadline

* Connecting to the Sacred Divine is the working title for this Anthology. The final book may be published under a different name.