Freya Prayer Day

Freya Shrine with RunesSecond Friday of each Month

On the second Friday of each Month, let’s get together and celebrate Freya wherever you are in the world.

The ritual can be as large or as small as you’d like, as simple or as complex. The important thing is that we all focus on the energy of Freya and all that she can bring to this world.

This world needs beauty, this world needs magic, this world needs fighters – Freya is all of these things and more.

You can use whatever ritual you would like.  If you don’t have a particular ritual that you’d like to do, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Create sacred space according to your tradition
  • Light a yellow, white or gold candle
  • Say a prayer to Freya.
    You can use one of the many prayers found online, one found in the Virtual Sessrumnir facebook group files, or one from your heart.  
  • Make an offering to Freya according to your preference.
    This can be something physical, an action or whatever you believe that she’ll enjoy.
  • Say thank you according to your tradition
  • Extinguish the candle
  • Close the sacred space

If you’d like to tweet or instagram about what you did, we encourage you to use the hashtag #freyaprayerday