Protection for Flights

The “Sith Galdor” charm was found in an eleventh-century manuscript. This chant was used by travelers to protect them in at the beginning of a journey. The version that I used comes from a re-interpretations of the chant by Diana Paxson in her book “Trance-Portation” (p. 487).  It is not a surprise that the chant has a Christian aspect as it was found in an eleventh-century manuscript. The charm uses the image of a sphere – a typical shape used by modern magicians for protection. The charm first asks God to protect them from “horrors that haunt the night,” as well as injury and insects. 

The word “Sig-“ is an old English word for victory. The charm then calls for victory with word and work, as well as with magic – with “galdor.” 

The charm that I have created below adapts this chant for modern travel by plane and working with current polytheistic deities instead of the Christian God. Keeping with the Anglo-Saxon nature of the charm, I have rewritten this chant for Woden, the wandering Old Man, to protect me as I travel by plane for work.

[With your finger or a wand, draw a circle around you. Imagine a sphere, not a circle.]

With this sphere, I guard me round,
By Woden’s will, protection around.
Against the horrors of fear and flight,
Against crying child and restless night,
Against shared ills and flu,
And all the things we hate to do.
Sig-galdor I chant, a sig-rod is my stay,
Work-sig, word-sig ward today.
No weather or turbulence threaten me,
Protected from ills will I be.
I bid Woden, protection give,
Guarded so, I shall live