Simple Daily Rite

This is a simple ritual that takes only a few minutes. You are invited to change the names of the deities to suit your practice.

I have a small altar with a bowl of water, a green stone, and a candle for this rite. You’ll also need a divination tool of some kind.

Light a candle and use water from your well to anoint the stone and yourself.

Say the following prayer

Hail to Frigga, Freya,
Cerridwen, and Cerunnos

Hail to the Ancestors, Noble Ones,
Good Neighbors

Hail to the Shining Ones

Hail to all the allies of my hearth

May my blessings be with you

May your Blessings be with me

Victoria S. May, 2020

Now take an Omen. Don’t forget to write it down so you can reflect on it later.