A day with the Chief

Yesterday I got the opportunity to spend the day with Chief Golden Light Eagle at an event hosted by Firefly Willows.

The Chief is a great speaker! He is very passionate about his message and is eager to share information with anyone who is willing to receive it.

The day started with a film outlining some of the more sane points of view on the Roswell crashes. While I still remain unconvinced that the crashes were alien ships, I certainly have to consider that something very weird did happen. The information that the Chief presented was informational without wandering into the conspiracy theories, and was much easier for me to accept that way.

The Chief’s friend Bill Tenuto then told us about the vision quests that he has been on. They call them ‘fasts’, and for 4 days and nights they stay on the mountain and pray without water or food. It was amazing to watch Bill describe his experiences …. He was very obviously connected with the spirits, with the greater consciousness. We got a fantastic view of what one of the ceremonies of the Dakota people was like.

After Lunch, The Chief talked to us about the things he has experienced, the discrimination that his people faced as well as some of his experiences learning about the symbols for the Universal and Spiritual laws. He sang us some songs in his native language. I don’t understand a word of the language but the emotion and energy in the songs are obvious and amazing. I could listen to him sing all day!

We then learned about the 11 Spiritual Laws and the 11 Universal Laws that the Chief has learned are represented by the symbols believed to be from the aliens.

I learned many things about the Native Americans that the Chief is experienced with and about the Star People and how the Chief interfaces with them. Most importantly I learned that, no matter the trappings, we are all on the same road. The message of the Star People as interpreted by the Chief is the same message as interpreted by many other religions.

We are here to help this planet to evolve to the next step … Increase our energy vibrations to the next levels, and we are here to help everyone and everything on this planet to survive and to evolve together.

We are all related, every being on this planet. Together we shall evolve.

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