It’s about the challenge

So it looks like I’m done with work travel for a little bit .. at least for the insane amounts of travel that I’ve been doing lately (4 weeks of travel in the last 6 weeks).

To celebrate the “Yay I’m home” I’m going to attempt a couple of challenges.  I noticed these challenges this weekend and they happen to go along with what I was planning on doing *anyway* so hopefully these challenges will help me to get a bit of motivation 🙂

Back to School Pagan Reading Challenge

I’ve got a bunch of books that are on my “list of stuff to read!” so I’m going to use this challenge to help out with that. I’m not sure I can get through more than one book as we do have a “big thing” going on at work this week, but I’m going to try to finish one book! My book of choice is The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft by Ronald Hutton

Fall into Fitness Challenge

After all the travel and not paying attention to what I’m eating, I’m at my highest weight in a long time .. so time to do something about that! In the Fall into Fitness Challenge, we are challenged to have goals for each of the elements.
My goals are:

  • Earth: Lose weight!  Get back down to my usual weight (not going to mention it here =P )
  • Air: Breathe!  Find a way through exercise or medicine to make my sinuses behave better
  • Fire: Exercise, move!  Do something significant for exercise (more than just strolling down the street) at least twice a week!
  • Water: Drink more water!  At least 3 of my 24oz water bottles a day
  • Spirit: Daily practice!  Do a least one round of sun salutations during my daily practice 5x a week

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